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Too picky

I got told yesterday that the reason I'm single is because I'm too picky. I don't understand this at all. Did that person think I should just settle for the next person to come along, whether I liked them or not, just so I could have a boyfriend? That makes no sense. I'm not going to settle for someone just for the status symbol of being in a relationship. I want to be with someone because I love them, not because I love what they represent.

That said, I don't think I'm all that picky anyway. I just want a guy who:

1. Is intelligent
2. Knows his own mind
3. Isn't afraid to state his opinion and defend it
4. Knows that i'm actually still the boss though :P
5. Enjoys and is good at cooking
6. Wants to travel, but also wants to eventually settle in NZ
7. Can actually afford to travel :P
8. Has an interest in politics (I can't stand people who vote without being informed)
9. Is left-wing (I wish that didn't matter to me, but it does)
10. Loves cricket and rugby
11. Likes to read
12. Enjoys both going out with friends AND staying home dvds
13. Likes to play video games
14. Understands how important jeans are to a wardrobe
15. Has a wonderful sense of humour

So... not that picky right?

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